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The Cinemarquee grew out of a vision that two young men had as they analyzed the internet in 1997. Drawing together the finest cinema and literary resources to be found on the net, they sought to build the structure of an online film studio, with all that a visionary might need to carve his cinematic vision into reality, from film financing, to casting directors, to crew. John Edgerton a sometimes dreamer, a screenwriter/film fundraiser, former property master and set decorator in Hollywood sought to bring his dream to life, meeting up with ingenious computer programmer and computer problem solver Dan Greitzer.

Calling upon the resources accumulated through the years, the round table of the Cinemarquee has gathered together financial networking connections of over $100 million in individual investor's finances ready to invest in film. New to the film financing market, they are presently reviewing ten film projects with the prospect of financing them. With their rich associations into motion pictures which include independent filmmakers and major studio heads, Cinemarquee has the capabilities of working with projects through development, connecting them to Producers, Directors, getting a budget broken down, rewriting scripts and acquiring international distribution for their clients.

Screenwriter, Novelist, Playwright and Film Fundraiser John Edgerton is one of the founders and creators of the Cinemarquee, a former Professional Seattle Actor, Director, Playwright, Scene Designer and former General Manager of Seattle's Full Circle Theater. Mr. Edgerton worked in Television and Motion Pictures in Art Departments in Hollywood on the Frank Lupo Television Features and Television Series for Tri Star Pictures, "Werewolf" and "Something's Out There", the Motion Pictures, "Messenger of Death"(Canon Films), "Nightmare on Elm Street IV (New Line Cinema), as Decorator, Scene Designer and Head Painter on "Kandyland" (New World), Decorator and Scene Designer on "Not of This Part of the World" and Property Master on "Far Out Man" (Starring Tommy Chong) (Cinetel) as well as other Motion Pictures. His fundraising experiences have saved a Frank Lupo series at the time money became short at the studio, by rallying the teamsters to take over the contract. He has helped to save theaters, stepping in as a trouble shooter with Idaho Shakespeare helping them to find a sponsor and new theater space to perform in, helped to found theaters such as the Country Dinner Theater and Theater in the Trunk. He has starring in theatrical productions and rock operas, meeting with investors so they would invest in productions and in theaters. He has raised money and clothing for the homeless. Mr. Edgerton has been a Producer, Writer, Director and Star in Radio Theater and presently has his plays being considered for production by a Broadway theater. He is the prolific author of poetry, three novels, numerous plays and 21 screenplays which are presently being shown around the studios in Hollywood.

Dan Greitzer has over 25 years of computer industry experience, designing and developing software for a variety of on-line systems in several Fortune 500 environments. He has a reputation in the computer industry based on ability to quickly pick up new languages, packages, or systems, and to immediately become a productive member of the team.

In developing the Cinemarquee Film Financing Group and online film studio, it was the intent of its creators to meet the dreams and needs of professionals in film, seeking to breath life into their own creations. We offer through our extensive knowledge in film, expertise in financing and distribution (for a commission) as a well developed film package is presented to us. Or working with a Producer or Production Company (as development money is presented), we can transform a storyline to the final draft of the screenplay, and as the script has been finalized, calculate a production budget breakdown, write a finalized business plan and create necessary film package graphics. Then weaving our Cinemarquee magic within the celebrity circles and financial circuits, it is our privilege to connect our client to Producers, Directors and Crew for the production (with letters of intent) and a finished film financing package, professionally done and ready to present for our final step, that of financing and review for distribution.

In addition for networking as a film financing entity, Cinemarquee has several of its own projects in development, three of which will be made into major feature films this year, the romantic comedies "Rainbow Over Hollywood" and "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", and the science fiction thriller "Last Horizon". We seeking further interest from investors, venture capitalists, studios and motion picture companies to Co-produce our own projects.

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