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The Cinemarquee grew out of a vision that two young men had as they analyzed the internet in 1997. Drawing together the finest cinema and literary resources to be found on the net, they sought to build the structure of an online film studio, with all that a visionary might need to carve his cinematic vision into reality, from film financing, to casting directors, to crew. John Edgerton a sometimes dreamer, a screenwriter/film fundraiser, former property master and set decorator in Hollywood sought to bring his dream to life, meeting up with ingenious computer programmer and computer problem solver Dan Greitzer.

John Edgerton is an Entrepreneur, the CEO of Cinemarquee, Co-Partner of Celestial Attic Entertainment LLC and a former Co Partner in a Beverly Hills production company Infinite Entertainment LLC with Co Partners Producer Carter De Haven, Producer Daniel Sherkow and Media Executive and Film Financier Dan Greitzer. With Cinemarquee partner Dan Greitzer, Mr. Edgerton raised the funding and both were Co-founders of Infinite Entertainment LLC a Motion Picture corporation and Satellite Distribution company. He sat on the Film Financing Board and Motion Picture Production board.

Dan Greitzer is an Entrepreneur, Media Executive, Co-Partner in Celestial Attic Entertainment LLC., Co-Partner, a Film Financier and President of Cinemarquee (a Film Consulting Firm) and Executive Producer and Co-Producer of “The Serial Killers' Club”. Mr. Greitzer is a former partner in the Beverly Hills Production Company, Infinite Entertainment LLC, with co-partner Producer Carter de Haven, John Edgerton and Producer Daniel Sherkow.

We are now dedicating our time to our first motion picture. We are seeking direct financial partners for the incredible motion picture “The Serial Killers’ Club”. We are also seeking direct financial partners to put together a film fund to finance some amazing motion pictures we have in development. If interested, please send us and email or call our number and ask for John 208-602-5115.

Logline: Two ordinary guys accompanied by a former Green Beret must find their inner-heroes when they leave their ordinary world to rescue a friend and survive being stalked by the most dangerous Serial Killers in the world - - The Serial Killers’ Club.


Contact us at Cinemarquee@rmci.net

Welcome Dreammakers, to THE CINEMARQUEE'S PRODUCER'S CAFÉ: ... where all dreams are possible and where Heroes and villians that were, always will be. Sit back now in a soft lounge chair, with your favorite merlot or cappuccino and a favorite friend, and drift with the fog, filling your imagination with the theatrical dreams that were and always will be. We Directors and Filmmakers are creators of worlds, dreammakers and sculptors of the imaginary, carving characters and worlds out of thought, and bringing forth through the magic of illusion ...that which might be, and for two hours of precious time...is ... if but for a moment.



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