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Welcome Dreammakers, to COSMO'S SCIENCE FICTION CAFE... where all dreams are possible and where Heroes that were, always will be. Sit back now in a soft lounge chair, with your favorite merlot or cappuccino and a favorite friend, and drift with the fog, filling your imagination with the dreams that are and may be. We Science Fiction Screenwriters and Filmmakers are creators of worlds, dreammakers and sculptors of the imaginary, carving characters and worlds out of thought, and bringing forth through the magic of illusion ...that which might be, and for 300 pages of precious ... if but for a moment.


Gene L. Coon A tribute
to my cousin

Gene L. Coon

writer on "Mr. Lucky", "Have Gun Will Travel",
"Wild Wild West", "Wagon Train", "Rawhide"
and Producer and Writer with Gene Roddenberry
on the marvelous, original series: "StarTrek".


sff net
SFF Net is the official home of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America®, the Horror Writers Association, the World Fantasy Convention, and thousands of author pages and virtual domains. SFF Net is designed to support fast-moving, intelligent conversation about genre literature of all kinds. It's the place for authors, editors, readers, and publishers to get together to discuss books, stories, the art and craft of popular fiction, and all aspects of the literary life.


Science Fiction Center
A medium for information about the Center and its programs, data about science fiction and informed commentary, and occasional news about SF in general. It also will provide links to other SF information sources.
The Sci-Fi Channel , the cable television channel dedicated to SF. This site is dedicated to bringing you all the latestSci-Fi Channel, news and interviews.


  Science Fiction Resource Guide
This site contains an extensive collection of links to SF resources on the Net. Subject areas include other archives and resource guides, authors, art and artists, bibliographies, movies, television, bookstores, book reviews, role-playing games, zines, etc. Some of the topics include Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, Jules Verne, H G Wells, Star Wars, Star Trek, nanotechnology, vampire fiction, and more.


Magic Dragon



A site from Italy, dedicated to Sci-Fi


A StarTrek site from Italy




This Alien Digizine presents an in-depth look at the making of the movie with slides from the set, interviews with the cast and crew and an overview of the movie making process. Plus exclusive downloads and Alien Merchandise.


StarTrek Nexus
The Ultimate Guide to All Things Trek


Critters Workshop
An on-line workshop/critique group for serious
writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.


Exceptional Science Fiction and Fantasy Entertainment.


StarTrek: The Final Frontier
This page is for all StarTrek fans who are interested in any information about StarTrek


Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
The Lurker's Guide is a volunteer effort encompassing documents maintained by many Babylon 5 fans, as well as a lot of original material not found elsewhere. It's not associated in any kind of official way with the show.


These pages are provided as a no charge resource to fans of Star Trek


Final Conflict
News and Information of the TV series


Outpost Gallifrey
"Dr. Who" news, reviews, products, clubs, conventions, and links.


Lost In Space


Sci-Fi Station Cult and Offbeat
Sci-Fi Movies


The Greatest Films


The Home Page for Science Fiction and Fantasy


Grand Central Rocket A nostalgic site devoted to
the amazing space technology
of old movies and TV shows


Science Fiction and Fantasy World
With more than 10,000 pages of SF and Fantasy related content, is one of the largest SF and Fantasy literature websites on the Internet today.


The encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legend.


Pib's TV
Pib's Television Resources


The ISFDB is a continuous, ongoing effort to catalog works of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.


Isaac Asimov
A comprehensive collection of
resources pertaining to Isaac Asimov


Kurt Vonnegut
Kurt Vonnegut
Biographical Details & Highlights


Lost Souls
Official Web Site


Stephen King Fan Page
A site of reviews, links, and references
concerning the author Stephen King.


Science Fiction Worlds                 
                 of Jeffrey A. Carver
a place for the curious reader of science fiction and fantasy


Writers Net
Internet Resource for Writers, Editors, Publishers and Agents


A comprehensive writing resource full of market information, tips on improving your writing, articles, interviews with professional authors and editors, networking opportunities, and a guide to the best resources for writers on the net.


Dave's Somewhat Complete SF/F
Writers' Internet Resources


Mary Soon Lee
Writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories


Resources for the Science Fiction Fan


New World A webring dedicated to
original science fiction
stories published on the web.


Mania Magazine
Mania Magazine


The online information service for editors, literary agents and writers. In addition to carrying major industry news, Authorlink! aggressively markets ready-to-publish manuscripts to editors and agents. The site has been rated among the top 25% of most useful sites on the web by Microsoft's One Click Away Ezine. Simon & Schuster is among key sponsors.


Pegasus Online
Pegasus Online intends to bring readers a rich, continuous supply of original fantasy and science fiction short stories and artwork every several months.


Oz's Kingdom
For super links and info on literature, poetry and drama, drop by this site. You will find literature links categorized according to author as well as many general sites. The drama links cover Ancient Greece to Elizabethan to Victorian to Modern Day.


The Writer & The Greyhound
Dedicated to providing quality information for genre fiction writers and promoting the cause of greyhound adoption.


Sci-Fi Lovers
The original home of SF and Fantasy information and discussion


A collection of texts saved from USENET since summer 1985


Sci-Fi Entertainment
Dedicated to George Lucas, Chris Carter and Gene Roddenberry, the creators of Star Wars, The X-Files and Star Trek respectively.


Serial Squadron
Dedicated to the great Hollywood cliffhangers


Nick Maley's....
Movie Inside Stories
Rare insights and technical information about the making of.....


Q's Continuum

Q's Q-OOL Links


Movie Pal
For the Film Buff


Magic Dragon



Inventure Place is dedicated to the creative process. We're a museum - and more.
Inventure Place is a laboratory where you can explore your curiosity and creativity.
Inventure Place is where you will Discover the Inventor in you.


Writer's Resources Screenwriting
Theatre and Playwrighting Gothic and Horror
Mysteries and Crime Fiction Pulp Heroes
Superheroes / Comics Comedy
Film History

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