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Idaho Writers
The mission of the Idaho Writers Connection is to promote the creation and appreciation of writing in Idaho by educating, informing, and connecting readers, writers, and the public.


Screenwriters Resource Center
The center provides links to products and services for Screenwriters,
compiled by the staff at the National Creative Registry Online


Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page

The original resource for scriptwriters on the Internet.
by Charles Deemer, Author of Screenwright: the Craft of Screenwriting


Performing Arts & Artists Worldwide
A growing centralizing International Link system of Theatre & Film Producers who are of the Performing arts, Entertainment Industry and to all the individuals expertise who are of the Performing Arts, Entertainment Industry Worldwide.


"The best-selling scriptwriting word processor in Hollywood"


With StoryCraft story-development software, whether you're a published author or have only dreamt of becoming one, you'll create complete, well-developed stories, patterned after actual literary classics and civilization's great myths. Like writing with history's greatest authors, StoryCraft guides you through every step of crafting perfect stories. StoryCraft 4.3 now has full word processors with spell check, thesaurus, and most other things expected of word processors.

The mythological method used in StoryCraft has tutor texts separate from the program's-step-by-step method of story construction. We have broken those texts out into a course, which is an excellent introduction to this entirely new method of writing. New Dimensions in Writing is conducted and graded by Patricia Mayo, a leading expert in this brand-new system. It is strongly recommended that you get StoryCraft eventually, so if you only purchase the course first, see the offer immediately below. This thorough, intensive course not only teaches you how to structure your stories using the "Hero's Journey" approach of Joseph Campbell, it also covers developing your characters according to Jung's paradigm.


Library of Congress
The New Deal Stage 1935 - 1939
This online presentation includes over 3,000 images of items selected from the Federal Theatre Project Collection at the Library of Congress. Featured here are stage and costume designs, still photographs, posters, and scripts for productions of Macbeth and The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus as staged by Orson Welles, and for Power, a topical drama of the period.
Log Cabin Literary Center
Log Cabin Literary Center
It's for writers and readers. It's for people who live in Boise and for people who live outside the city. It's for people just discovering their way through words and stories. It's for people ripe with poetry and experience.


Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource
Resources for Movie Lovers


Screenwriter's Heaven
Within these pages you will find up-to-date information on screenwriting and related topics around the Internet. It's all here.


Painted Rock

Services for Writers and Readers


Barnes and Nobel

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