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We are now dedicating our time to our first motion picture. We are seeking direct financial partners for the incredible motion picture “The Serial Killers’ Club”. We are also seeking direct financial partners to put together a film fund to finance some amazing motion pictures we have in development. If interested, please send us and email or call our number and ask for John 208-602-5115.
Contact us at Cinemarquee@rmci.net
To Advertise: jedgerton@rmci.net
For Web Design: dang@rmci.net

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Cinemarquee is seeking association with Film Investors, Film Financing Companies and Entertainment Fundraisers for Feature Film Projects with TWO MAJOR PRODUCERS!!!
Contact us at Cinemarquee@rmci.net

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SlamDance1999 Screenplay Competition
SlamDance 1999 Screenplay Competition

Words into Pictures THE 1999 FILM AND

Mr. Show Biz   Rough Cut

Proud winner of the coveted
Dr. Daniel

We of the Cinemarquee congratulate our friends and collegues in the Film and Television Industry who were nominated or achieved illustrious awards for excellent as a tribute to their work in the industry:

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