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We are now dedicating our time to our first motion picture. We are seeking direct financial partners for the incredible motion picture “The Serial Killers’ Club”. We are also seeking direct financial partners to put together a film fund to finance some amazing motion pictures we have in development. If interested, please send us and email or call our number and ask for John 208-602-5115.

Logline: Two ordinary guys accompanied by a former Green Beret must find their inner-heroes when they leave their ordinary world to rescue a friend and survive being stalked by the most dangerous Serial Killers in the world - - The Serial Killers’ Club.


Contact us at Cinemarquee@rmci.net


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An extensive database of Film Industry information. This site also provides film investment coordination, business plan marketing and design, a contracts library, web site design, hosting and more.


There are extensive areas for Actors and Independent Filmmakers that are among the most useful on-line hands-on career resources for people who just can't wait for that phone to ring. Open since 1994, Caryn.com has received many awards and parts of it have been mentioned in the NY Times, LA Times, USA Today and the new 24 hour Time-Warner news channel NY1.


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Information about Film Distribution Deals, Business Plans, Raising Movie Money, Planning for Film Investing, Hollywood and Studio Accounting, Net Profits, Gross Profits, and other necessities of Independent Producing.


Of The Professional Motion Picture and Television Director


Website of ironworks productions and Paul Hart-Wilden, director/screenwriter


Surfview Entertainment : "Independent Film Financing Simplified" - Film financing for independent movie producers seeking active investors.--http://www.surfview.com

Iinternational Film Financing Conference '97 --http://www.iffcon.com/schedule.html

Arthur Andersen - Entertainment Industry: Film Financing --http://www.arthurandersen.com/bus_info/industry/entrtain/LIBRARY/

Financing Feature Film Production --http://www.iftn.ie/mops/prod/momoney.htm

Counties:Los Angeles County: Showbiz:Film:Financing - --http://la.yahoo.com/Counties/Los_Angeles_County/Showbiz/Film/Financing/

Caryn.Com Indie Film Financing - Funding and grant information for student and independent filmmakers --http://www.caryn.com/caryn-indie-funding.html

ShowBIZ Data - Vienna Film Financing Fund --http://www.showbizdata.com/treehouse/showbiz/production/europe/av986.htm

Film Financing --http://www.concentric.net/~Skyward/finance.htm

Film Financing --http://www.hpe.com/hpe/tbn/film.html

ComLinks.net --http://www.comlinks.net/conf/ff1197.htm

Film Financing --http://www.degrees.com/melon/archive/financing.html

Financing nano-budget film directors --http://www.dahlonega.pair.com/messages/63.html

Producing, Financing and Distributing Film -- http://av.y.wind98.com/v/research.pl/avywind98/0879101083/av/880102/key1d/qpre

Caryn.Com Indie Film Financing - Funding and grant information for student and independent filmmakers --http://www.caryn.com/caryn-indie-funding.html

Business Strategies -- http://www.virtualfilm.com/BS/

Paris Skylight --http://www3.mistral.co.uk/vermilion1/

Malcolm Silver & Co. Ltd. --http://www.msilver.com/mssuccesses.html

Films From Finland 1/96 --http://www.kaapeli.fi/~lumo/English/FFF/Letter/1-96/

Electronic Hollywood --http://www.primenet.com/~jjyoung/hollywood.html

MEIER - STUDIO BLUE BOOK DIRECTORY --http://www.meier.com/meier/sbbd60.html

Motion Pictures, Entertainment and Theater Industries -- http://www.interleges.com/fryprac7.html

jim bihari - Independent filmmaker Jim Bihari --http://www.fetching.com/bihari/intro.html
PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Distribution, Inc. --http://www.ingbank.com/tombs/polygram.html

EarthLink - Hollywood - Various Web sites pertaining to the entertainment industry.

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