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Cinemarquee is associated with several 100% Equity Film Funding Sources, Film Matching Funding Sources and Lending Institutions, and (as Executive Producer or Co-Producer of the project) is open to submission by established Talent Agencies, Production Companies, Producers, Directors and Talent for funding their projects. We do not, however, accept projects without bankable talent attached. We also seek contact with established Executive Producers with Film Funding Sources, Film Investors, Film Matching Funding Sources, Organizations, Associations and Corporations who fund motion pictures, since we represent numerous projects with top talent attached. In addition, Cinemarquee has several of its own projects in development and seeks investors, venture capitalists, studios and motion picture companies with interest in funding our own projects. Through our connections, we bring to the table endless resources that have dealt with hundreds of millions of dollars in investment capital and loan financing. If interested please contact John Edgerton 208-376-8885.

We are seeking direct financial partners in Cinemarquee who have direct connection to equity funding sources and have financed motion pictures. If you are merely brokers with connections to other brokers and through that end have connections to funding, or have not funded motion pictures, please don't bother calling. We are seeking to put together a direct fund to finance motion pictures as well as our own projects.

Do you have a feature film (high or low budget) that is already funded, that you need produced and shot, either on film or high definition for the silver screen? Or do you need a commercial written, shot and produced by professionals with a track record in commercial production? Or do you just need to crew up a film? Please give us a call!
Contact us at Cinemarquee@rmci.net


Welcome Dreammakers, to THE CINEMARQUEE'S "INTERNATIONAL FILM RESOURCE ENSEMBLE": ... where all dreams are possible and where Heroes and Villans that were ... always will be. Sit back now in a soft lounge chair, with your favorite merlot or cappuccino and a favorite friend ... and drift with the fog, filling your imagination with dreams that are and may be. We Filmmakers are creators of worlds, dreammakers and sculptors of the imaginary, carving characters and worlds out of thought, and bringing forth through the magic of illusion ...that which might be, and for two hours of precious time...is ... if but for a moment!


Featuring Over 25000 Links


Welcome to Flicker, home page for the alternative cinematic experience. Here you will find films and videos that transgress the boundaries of the traditional viewing experience, challenge notions of physical perception and provide cutting edge alternatives to the media information technocracy.


Mega Media
The MEGA MEDIA-LINKS index is the best electronic media index on the web. It contains thousands of film, video, radio, television, cinema and new-media site listings conveniently categorized, sub-categorized and cross-referenced with brief site descriptions.


Cinema Sites
An index of Movie and TV resources thoughtfully organized and annotated by a film industry professional. The purpose of this site is to function as a guide to enable users to get a handle on the vast number of motion picture and television resources that exist on the Internet.


MAX FilmPro is a global resource guide for film, television, commercial and video production offering production resource listings, location scouting information, and film and television production activity.


A Resource For Filmmakers
Look for the $10,000,000.00 Screenwriter's Contest


...for the study of film and television


The IMDb is the ultimate movie reference source and covers everything you could ever possibly want to know about movies.


Cinema Connection
Film Resources


Movielink is the online movie download service where you can download hundreds of new releases, Hollywood hits and classic films right to your computer. No DVDs to return, no late fees, no subscription. Just download movies and watch when you want. And with a laptop, take your movies on a trip and never worry about returns!


MovieWEB has previews to 1997 & 1998's hottest movies. Each movie has its own webpage which lets you download movie pictures, movie posters, production notes, Quicktime videos (of the theatrical movie trailer) and as much information about the cast & synopsis of the film which is currently available from the studios.


Hollywood Network
Everything Hollywood!


Hollywood Online
Hollywood Online® is the premier Web site covering both Hollywood and the motion picture industry.


Hollywood Creative Directory
Lists contact information for the entertainment industry, locate TV & film producers, find agents, managers, movie studio & television executives, distributors & new media companies, hollywood job board lists employment opportunities available in show business.


The ShowBizwire is the ultimate guide to entertainment news on the web. The world wide web has always offered more than conventional media when it comes to up to the minute information on entertainment.


Cine Guide
Que viva Siné!


Performing Arts & Artists Worldwide
A growing centralizing International Link system of Theatre & Film Producers who are of the Performing arts, Entertainment Industry and to all the individuals expertise who are of the Performing Arts, Entertainment Industry Worldwide.


The Horror Screenwriter's Page
If you write horror screenplays (or if you want to) then this is the site for you.

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